Standing Tall at Sequoia National Park

July 13, 2017

Hello my friends.

Last week I finished the 3 week Artist in Residence program at the Sequoia National Park. It was a magnificent experience. The concerts were at their outdoor amphitheater near the Sequoias and their Mineral King Ranger Station campfire set up in the Sierra wilderness. You can imagine how inspiring that was! Wow, I enjoyed every second of it. My songwriting was also recharged in a big way. The ideas poured into and out of me.

Suzy, Addie, and Camille joined me the last week of the Residency. We stayed in mountain cabins. Although we had no electricity, phone, or internet we didn’t miss all that a bit. It is no hard to forget modern conveniences when right outside your door is the High Sierra Wilderness! Most of the time, given everyone’s busy schedules, I travel alone. It was so wonderful to have them with me for this once in a lifetime experience.

As happens to most folks, I was deeply changed by experiencing the Giant Sequoias. Although they don’t have brains like us humans, they possess an undeniable presence and strength. A feeling of peace and tranquility pervades everything around them. To give you an idea of their size, all four of us together joining hands could not reach across the base of the President Sequoia. Even in the busier touristy sections of the Park, the atmosphere was reverential and respectful.

Above – Dig how big the diameter of this Sequoia called The President.  All four of us can’t reach across it!

Above – Notice the bear track following the human track. That actually is me!!!! Obviously the bear followed me up the mountain and I noticed the tracks when coming back down! It is an interesting feeling to NOT be the top of the food chain.

Above – Words can’t really describe just how big and wondrous the Sequoias are.

In closing, I often thought of John Muir, how he must have felt when he first saw those giant beings, and how he and many others fought to save them from the axes of civilization.  No greater crime against nature and God could have been committed than cutting down those Giant Sequoia groves. They are priceless, beyond human measure.

Stand tall,


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