A Big Time at The Big Gig

March 10, 2017

Last week I had the wonderful experience of performing at the Monroe County (Michigan) Big Gig. Every year a friend of mine (and Jason and the Scorchers fan) Bill Reiser does a series of Blues based concerts celebrating Black History Month in libraries all over Monroe County culminating in the Big Gig at the Meyer Theater in Monroe. This year it was their 30th year and Bill invited me to be a part of this once in a lifetime event!! I got to sing Jimmie Rodgers Last Blue Yodel, Hank Williams Honky Tonk Blues, and Its All Over Now by Bobby Womack. On stage with me were some of the of finest blues performers in the world today. What an honor it was. I think my favorite part of it was listening to those cats jam in the dressing room. I have to say that when rock musicians get together they talk about equipment. When blues musicians get together they PLAY music. What an experience.

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