JATS in Classic Rock

Jason & The Scorchers get a glowing endorsement from über fan Ginger Wildheart in Classic Rock magazines cult bands feature.


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Pledge now or Farmer Jasons Christmas will be cancelled!

Hello my friends! Well I have finally decided to make a Farmer Jason Christmas record! The idea has been incubating in my mind for several years. Last fall I decided to jump in full force. I have several new songs written for the project and have picked out the standards I would like to record. The songs will be both sacred and secular based. One of the originals is called “Santa Drove a Big John Deere”. You can imagine how fun it is… Another called “The Animals Sang” puts into song the old legend that the stable animals sang and talked that first Bethlehem Christmas. I have to say it is quite beautiful and will make a great recording. I can already hear my musician friends singing rounds and chorus layers on that one.


I do need your help to make this project a reality. I wouldn’t ask you to throw in on this if it wasn’t necessary. We have set a goal of raising $10,000 through Indie Go Go. That will fund the recording, artwork, mastering, and manufacturing costs. If we get anything over that amount the extra will go into promoting the record or further development on the ongoing Farmer Jason TV projects. Rest assured every penny will be spent wisely and thankfully.

We decided to make the basic perk structure pretty simple. In a nutshell here it is:

$15.00 for US residents and $20.00 for international residents- a signed cd in advance of the release date

$60.00 for US residents and 70.00 for international residents- your name or any dedication you wish listed on the cd artwork as a Farmer Jason Tractor Level Supporter and 2 signed cds.

$150.00 for US residents and $165.00 for international residents- a special MP3 delivery of Farmer Jason singing a customized “We Wish You a Merry Christmas/Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer” medley with a personal greeting and insertion of whatever name you wish into the songs, your name or dedication listed on the cd artwork as a Farmer Jason Prime Harvester Level Supporter, and 3 signed cds.


At all levels, you can email me at pledge@farmerjason.com to give me any specific dedication or autograph instructions. I will personally make sure we get this right.

So thank you my friend. Your help will be deeply appreciated.

Best always and THANK YOU!


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Jason appearing live on Music City Roots!

Jason will be appearing live on the syndicated American Public Television (PBS) series MUSIC CITY ROOTS LIVE FROM THE LOVELESS CAFE on Friday Nov 22 at 7.00pm. It is also Jason’s birthday which makes for a nice present. Most PBS affiliates are carrying the series.

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Jason & Warner to collaborate with Bowen McCauley Dance Company

Jason and his Scorchers band-mate, guitarist Warner E. Hodges will perform the old Jason and the Scorcher ballad “Far Behind” with The Bowen McCauley Dance Company during their “Evening of Dance and Music Presented by Bowen McCauley Dance Company” dance recital concert.

For more info or to purchase tickets contact www.bmdc.org or call 703-910-5175

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Jason interviewed on In Search of a Song – Part 2

The second part of Jason’s In Search of a Song interview focus’ on Farmer Jason and his solo albums.

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Jason Ringenberg interviewed on In Search of a Song

Jason Ringenberg was recently interviewed for In Search of a Song a National Public Radio show that delves deep into a songwriter’s history and influences. “I think this could one of the best radio interviews I have ever done. It truly captures much of went on behind the scenes all those years.” Listen to part one here, part two will air next month.

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Farmer Jason Helping to promote Child Passenger Safety in Dickson County

The Dickson County Sheriff’s Office and Burns Police Department are hosting a joint Child Passenger Safety Checkpoint event at Stuart-Burns Elementary School beginning at 2:00 pm Tuesday, May 21st. The event will include popular children’s entertainer Farmer Jason, who will entertain students indoors, while law enforcement personnel conduct a Child Passenger Safety Checkpoint for caregivers outdoors. The Farmer Jason show is open to current Stuart-Burns Elementary School students, school staff, and emergency services’ personnel. The Child Passenger Safety Checkpoint is open to the general public. Both events are free and are designed to raise awareness and provide educational tips about the safe and proper use of child restraint devices, without negative consequences.

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Jason appearing on new Eddy Arnold tribute album

Jason Ringenberg is contributes to the forthcoming album – You Don’t Know Me: Rediscovering Eddy Arnold. To find out more about the project and to hear Jason singing Texarkana Baby check out this article on USA Today.

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Farmer Jason, the Epiphone Interview

Much wailing and gnashing of teeth amongst Nashville’s guitar playing elite this month as as award winning guitarist and childrens entertainer is interviewed on the Epiphone guitars website.


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March 23 Dickson TN Show Rescheduled

Jason will be opening the Ian Hunter UK tour March 11-30.  His old friend and Jason & The Scorchers  colleague Andy York will be playing guitar with Ian, so there might be some jamming going on!

Because of this tour, the Dickson Tennessee Farmer Jason show on March 23 has been moved to March 2.

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