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The Bluegrass Underground TV concert featuring Jason and the Scorchers will air in late December on most PBS stations across the United States.  In Nashville it air’s on December 31 at 10.30 on Nashville Public Television. Each PBS station will have its own specific air date and time please so check with your local station for your time.

The Bluegrass Underground concerts are filmed in a real cave with a live audience in Cumberland Caverns, McMinnville Tennessee.

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The winners of the Tennessee Fire Marshalls Office video contest  have been announced.  This was a contest where anyone or organization could submit a video about fire alarms using songs from Tennessee musicians. The Farmer Jason song “Get on Out” was used by several entries, including the First and Second Place winners!!

Here are the winning entries:

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Jason & The Scorchers  ‘Lost & Found’ makes the Paste Magazine Top 50 Best Alt-Country Records Of All Time at #34.

“Years before the term “alt-country” was conceived, something a little uglier and grimier was festering in Nashville. Jason & The Scorchers—led by explosive frontman Jason Ringenberg—released a couple of EPs before dropping their best record Lost & Found in 1985. It’s a punk rock album at heart, but guitarist Warner Hodges has plenty of twangy licks up his sleeve. Songs like “Lost Highway” and “I Really Don’t Want To Know” showed off Ringenberg’s wry sense of humor, while also confounding audiences for being too country for some and too punk rock for others. The band never found any major success early on, however, three decades later Lost & Found proves that Jason & The Scorchers were light years ahead of their time.” —Mark Lore


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At The Kings Of Leon concert in Nashville October 6 celebrating the release of their new “Walls” record, the Kings of Leon showed a video of Nashville artists they admire. Among images of legends like Elvis and Patsy Cline they showed a Jason & The Scorchers circa 1985 image.  Thank you Kings Of Leon for including JATS in this.

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The West  Lafayette Indiana High School 4×800 Relay Team made a ritual this spring/summer season of psyching up for their meets by listening to Farmer Jason’s “SPELUNKER” song. It must have worked, because they won the State title and set a school record!! Their initial favorite FJ song was “CAN YOU CANOE” but “SPELUNKER” eventually became their “go to” song as they entered the track.  The team is made up of Cooper Williams, Mitchell Curl, Evan Johnson, and Dylan Williams. Congratulations guys and great work!!


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Help! There’s a Fire!

The Tennessee State Fire Marshall’s office is using a Farmer Jason recording in their new program emphasizing fire prevention education for children. The one minute song, co-written and produced by long time Jason friend and studio wizard Brad Jones, is called “Get On Out”.  To really get kids “fired up” about this, the state is doing a contest where kids can make a video to the song and submit it. Winners will get cool prizes including a $500.00 check!   It doesn’t have to be a fancy production,  a cell phone vid is fine. For more information go to  SFMO-Video-Contest.  “Get On Out” is listed as the country choice. There is a rock choice by Michael Visconti as well.

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Thank You Louisiana!

Farmer Jason’s recent Louisiana Library Tour was a great success, with many of the shows were filled to capacity. A big team of library managers, Jason’s agency Loyd Artists, local arts councils, state grant people, library system arts administrators, and of course Farmer Jason worked very hard to put together a program where rural, city, suburban, and underprivileged kids could see a Farmer Jason concert for free in their local library. It was an amazing experience for all concerned. The Farmer Jason team would like to thank everyone who helped make it happen for all those kids.

Louisiana library shot 1

Louisiana library shot 2 photograph by Per-Owe Andersson


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The Greatest Band of ’85?

The Guardian (UK) website recently ran a great retrospective piece about Jason & The Scorchers. Click the image to read in full –

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 12.50.51

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We are delighted to announce that Farmer Jason will be doing a residency at the Sequoia National Park June 9-30 2017.  He will be staying in a cabin nestled in the woods, writing songs about the park experience, and performing the shows at the park. He will be Rockin’ in the Forest indeed!

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Lending Ayla a hand…

I’ve just added a special show on February 27 at The Coupe in Bon Aqua, Tennessee. I’ll be performing as part of a benefit concert for Ayla Holiday who appeared in the Take a Hike video. All proceeds from the show will go to defray costs of Ayla’s Cerebral Palsy surgeries. I’m scheduled to appear at 3:00pm and will be playing Ayla’s favorite Farmer Jason songs.


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